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Glitter Quinn Pin - FACTORY MISTAKE - Huni Bunny Shop

Glitter Quinn Pin - FACTORY MISTAKE

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The Glitter Quinn pin!! The MAIN STAR of Farfetched👻 is awesomely captured in a bad-ass one inch (1") of black, hard enamel, and spooky talentedness.💖

Glitter Quinn is a temporary staple in the shop; it was meant to be glow in the dark, but there was a manufacturing error. The next shipment of pins will come later this month (May 2021), so get these uber rare happy accidents while they last!!!

This bad ass of bad assitude will often be featured amongst our special edition collectibles as a variant💜; these collectibles will be dropped sporadically as ✨surprise flash sales✨, so keep an eye out on our twitter at @HuniBunnyShop (that's still in construction, ssshh it's fine we're working on it).


🍎 Concept: @Faustisse
Lined + Colored: @Faustisse
Produced: @Faustisse